It’s difficult relationships a person who would not provide the time of day

It’s difficult relationships a person who would not provide the time of day

Su-ae Shim [ ]

Su-ae is the main character of your show. The story begins with her from inside the a one-sided experience of Minu, exactly who neglects and berates their. Thinking something will eventually work-out between the two of them, Su-ae goes on relationship Minu it doesn’t matter what much she actually is hurt by the him. Someday, Su-ae stumbles abreast of a beneficial Jellypop cellular phone at school. Initially, Su-ae is freaked out by the phone’s supernatural possibilities; she gets anonymous messages discussing points taking place so you’re able to her in the real time and choosing the mobile magically searching somewhere else whenever she places it. She soon finds out the newest phone’s capability to matter the number of like situations a person has in their lifetime. Curious about her own like lifestyle, Su-ae tests they into the herself, just to miserably realize that she’s got zero like circumstances. The sources associated with love discovering program remains partly unfamiliar, but Su-ae discovers far more thru a deal arriving at their own house. Training brand new recommendations leads their unique locate a chip in her cellular phone. She inserts it with the their computers, creating a webpage you to definitely elaborates towards uncommon love area system.

A shocking revelation was shown so you can their shortly after she really does; she is the fresh problem on system who has zero like situations, damaging the list of another that has a reduced. Through the many of these Jellypop secrets, an unknown people was texting Su-ae non-stop. Initially, she thinks the latest harasser to get Eunhyeok, who has got already been witnessing the current failure away from her relationship life. not, she pieces to each other which isn’t your, additionally the private texter goes on messing along with her. A malicious price are strike when this person employment their own so you’re able to get at least some point in the interests of the system, if not she will need die. Eager significantly less than which newfound due date, she hatches an agenda which have Eunhyeok making their particular most recent boyfriend envious and you can get love items to endure.

Minu Kang [ ]

Minu are Su-ae’s boyfriend at the beginning of the new collection, who does not eradicate her well. There are minutes in which the guy emotionally abuses Su-ae, such ignoring their, coldly dismissing her, striking for the most other girls if you find yourself she actually is as much as, will not make time for schedules, and stuff like that. Although not, the essential blaring red flag the guy poses try cheat on Su-ae together with her sis, Ra-i am. Even with contradictory attitude regarding the damaging Su-ae, he in the course of time gets toward Ra-im’s advances and you will pursues their top relationship with her. Su-ae after attempts to have fun with your to increase like circumstances since part of their plan.

Ra-i’m Yun [ ]

Ra-i am was Su-ae’s adoptive sis and a couple of have been close since that time youthfulness. Ra-im’s mothers left her, so Su-ae’s relatives invited their having unwrapped hands. At school, the woman is very well-known; she’s regarded as the fresh new prettiest girl with the university and you will multiple people esteem their unique, also Su-ae. The woman is really gifted, however, their unique deep insecurities and you can destructive aim was revealed; this woman is envious from Su-ae. In her own attention, she additionally loves their and you will dislikes their own.

Ra-i’m seemingly have individuals reasons, although most notable you’re during the a flashback. The woman is seen to deeply envy how Su-ae is indeed enjoyed and you can treasured by the their unique parents. Responding to the festering thinking, Ra-im decides to pull away everything you Su-ae loves, as well as stealing their own boyfriend regardless if she’s no personal thoughts having him. Ra-i’m and you will Su-ae immediately after was raised together such as for example personal-knitted siblings, but they end up being cool to one another immediately after Ra-i am secretive reference to Minu is found on full screen to help you Su-ae. Their own cheat package is put towards action immediately after, cutting the newest separate between the two girls so much more.

Eunhyeok Wade [ ]

Eunhyeok is one of Su-ae’s nearest and dearest and you may fundamental love notice on the show, that is enabling their out in her cheat revenge package. Once the earliest thoughts wade, Eunhyeok views Su-ae once the pitiful coward having staying in a love which had been obviously dangerous and one-sided. He does not spend far attention to their unique up until they accidently hit for the both into the a number of days. The quick affairs end modifying the category of each and every other people’s relation.

He discovers a little more about their identification, their own household lives and her appeal. Yet, Eunhyeok has grown extremely keen on Su-ae’s simple and legitimate appeal. He could be starting to discover their own direction to your love, not lookin down on their feedback. He could be Minu’s former buddy, but their relationship later deteriorates when he gets alongside Su-ae. The guy admitted his prefer to Su-ae, and you will Su-ae tells him she likes him straight back.

Dohwa Baek [ ]

Dohwa is another among Su-ae’s love passion. He’s reported to-be a keen idol trainee, and it has extremely high like situations. They are the preferred people during the Su-ae’s college or university that is very good-looking. Hearsay say he is the son of a great chaebol family relations.

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