Bismarck Tribune Collection – December 1963 00080-Container six-Document 17-01 Mr

Bismarck Tribune Collection – December 1963 00080-Container six-Document 17-01 Mr

Rayland Bender 00080-Package six-File 17-02 Mr. Erik Carlson 00080-Container 6-Document 17-03 Mr. Lyle Hartman 00080-Box 6-Document 17-04 Mr. Raymond Kuntz 00080-Box six-Document 17-05 Mr. Wilbur Pfennig 00080-Box 6-File 17-06 Mr. David Schrantz 00080-Container 6-Document 17-07 Mr. S.An excellent. Stinson 00080-Container 6-Document 17-08 Jack Gebhardt 00080-Box 6-Document 17-09 Dr. Roper 00080-Box six-File 17-ten Russell W. Fridley, Movie director, Minnesota Historical Community 00080-Field six-Document 17-eleven Henry Ziegler 00080-Container six-Document 17-twelve Earl Jenner 00080-Box six-File 17-thirteen Guy 00080-Container six-Document 17-fourteen Dr. Carl W. Klein 00080-Box six-File 17-15 Guy 00080-Box six-Document 17-sixteen People 00080-Field six-Document 17-17 Howard W. Baker 00080-Container six-Document 17-18 Guy 00080-Field six-Document 17-19 Arthur Dewly (sp? Herb Leupp 00080-Field six-File 17-23 Mrs. Ron Volk 00080-Field 6-Document 17-24 Mrs.

Peter Hogue 00080-Container 6-Document 17-25 Mrs. Henry O. Darrot (sp? John N. Ferderer of new Salem 00080-Package six-Document 18-04 Beth Eisenmann, step 3, child away from Mr. Wesley Eisenmann 00080-Container six-Document 18-05 Beth Eisenmann, step three, child regarding Mr. Wesley Eisenmann 00080-Package 6-File 18-06 Mrs. Frank Boehm and you can child Jeffrey, 2; Emily Jean, step three, and you will mom Bernice Adams fulfilling Father christmas 00080-Container 6-File 18-07 Mrs. Clinton Carter and you can Julie, step three, appointment Father christmas 00080-Box 6-Document 18-08 Youngsters waiting lined up to see Santa claus 00080-Package six-File 18-09 Youngsters waiting lined up observe Father christmas 00080-Box six-Document 18-10 Santa, Jean Schulz, Bobby Schulz, 2, and Elmer Schulz 00080-Field six-File 18-11 Mrs. Virgil Kuntz and Pamela, 10, fulfilling Santa claus 00080-Box 6-File 18-12 Absolutely nothing girl which have Father christmas 00080-Field 6-Document 18-13 Absolutely nothing boy which have Santa claus 00080-Field 6-Document 18-fourteen Absolutely nothing girl having Father christmas 00080-Container six-Document 18-fifteen Nothing girl which have Santa claus 00080-Field 6-Document 18-sixteen Kim Nelson, 5, child out of Mr.

Robert McHenry 00080-Package step 1-Document 06-73 Mr

Erwin Nelson, Coastline 00080-Box 6-File 18-17 Paul Shea, seven, child out-of Mr. At press conference exterior his mom’s Bel-Air residence he had that it a reaction to being kidnapped: “I happened to be terrified. A nationwide crime syndicate provides ordered assassination out-of Valachi given that a good feces pigeon.

Anthony 00080-Field 6-File 19-twenty-five Potato amass 00080-Field six-Document 19-26 Potato collect 00080-Container six-File 19-twenty seven Slope from Very early Yellow potatoes 00080-Package six-Document 19-twenty-eight Progressing and you can sacking potatoes 00080-Box six-File 19-30 Leveling and sacking carrots 00080-Field 6-Document 19-31 Woman holding carrots 00080-Package 6-File 19-30 Guy dealing with group beside forest line 00080-Box 6-File 19-32 Man addressing crowd beside forest row 00080-Field six-Document 19-33 Forest rows 00080-Field 6-File 19-34 Haying profession 00080-Field six-File 19-thirty-five Plant Czlezok (sp? Dave Buller regarding foreground examining oatmeal once are canned for the roller factory. Tex Appledorn of Gladstone that have “Wyoming Baldy” – Huge Champ gelding 00080-Box six-File 19-69 Mrs. Earl Northrop regarding West Fargo which have Grand Champion mare “Capital’s Kate” belonging to Don Taylor and Mrs. Northrop 00080-Package six-File 19-70 Pony 00080-Container 6-Document 19-71 Within Bismarck Horse Barns southern off urban area – pony starting to missing winter months coat 00080-Box six-File 19-72 ?

Jerry Lutz 00080-Package six-Document 17-twenty-six Lady 00080-Package 6-File 17-27 Mrs

Bismarck Tribune Collection – Robert F. Kennedy 00080-Box seven-Document 001-01 Robert F. Kennedy arrival on airport 00080-Field 7-File 001-02 Robert F. Kennedy shaking hand “Airport politicking” 00080-Package seven-File 001-03 Robert F. Kennedy speaking 00080-Package eight-Document 001-04 Robert F. Kennedy that have American Indians 00080-Field eight-File 001-05 Ted Kennedy and you may unidentified man and you may woman

Bismarck Tribune Range – Oversized images 00080-Box dos-File twenty two-35 Several shots of property (church buildings?) 00080-Field 2-Document 23-103 Producers Union Co-op Creamery building 00080-Container step 3-File 3-19 Band inside the gymnasium

Bismarck Tribune Range – Picture 00080-Package step one-Document 09-01 Beulah Coal drawing 00080-Box step one-File 09-02 Map of “How the people has actually went westward” 00080-Field step 1-Document 09-03 “Services Shelter” signal 00080-Box step 1-Document 09-04 Outline regarding car and just how parts work 00080-Box 1-Document 09-05 “Savage Direct Close” to own County Teachers College or university into the Dickinson 00080-Package step 1-Document 09-06 Various clip art to own transformation, etc. 00080-Box step 1-File 09-07 Certain clip art to own transformation, etc. 00080-Box step 1-Document 09-08 Individuals video ways from rabbits 00080-Field step 1-File 09-09 Various video art out-of rabbits 00080-Container step one-Document 09-ten Letter off Harry E. Meyers, Cut Services

Sources: Lounsberry, Clement Good. Northern Dakota: Record and people. Chicago: S. J. Clarke Posting Company, 1917. Robinson, Elwyn. Reputation of North Dakota. Fargo: Institute to have Regional Knowledge, Northern Dakota State College, 1995. Schmidt, Paul C. «New Force in the Northern Dakota.» North Dakota Records 30 (1964): 216–22.

Joseph Pfeiler 00080-Container 1-File 06-62 Mr. Raymond Schuh 00080-Field step 1-File 06-63 Mr. Thomas Geloff 00080-Box step 1-Document 06-64 Mr. Walter Belinskey 00080-Field 1-Document 06-65 Mr. Marvin Mantz 00080-Box 1-File 06-66 Mr. Carroll Erickson 00080-Package step 1-Document 06-67 Mr. Robert Aune, Jr. Dale Bornemann 00080-Package 1-File 06-69 Mr. Michael P. Wald 00080-Package 1-Document 06-70 Mr. Adam Vetter 00080-Box step one-Document 06-71 Mr. William Yards. Schaff 00080-Box step one-Document 06-72 Mr. Anton Kuntz 00080-Box step 1-Document 06-74 Mrs. Gerald T. Sailer 00080-Package 1-Document 06-75 Mr. Thomas H. O’Neil 00080-Box 1-File 06-76 Mr. Marvin W. Lang 00080-Container 1-File 06-77 Mr. David W. Morris 00080-Package step 1-File 06-78 Mr. Adam Britz 00080-Field step 1-File 06-79 Mrs. Jerome Grams. Hoffman 00080-Field 1-File 06-80 Mrs. Don V. Hubbard 00080-Package 1-File 06-81 Mr.

Robert O’Boyle – December 1958 00080-Container 1-Document 06-176 Mrs. Thompson Roentgen. Foster – October 1960 00080-Container step 1-Document 06-177 Mr. Albert Heide – Oct 1960 00080-Box step 1-File 06-178 Mr. Andrew Jacobsen – December 1958 00080-Package step 1-Document 06-179 Mr. Louis T. Theodore – August 1960 00080-Box step one-Document 06-180 Mr. Delmar Boegele 00080-Box step 1-Document 06-181 Mr. Roderick Roentgen. Ovren – Oct 1959 00080-Field step one-Document 06-182 Mr. Carl Knutson 00080-Package 1-Document 06-183 Mr. Clinton Landenberger – Oct 1959 00080-Container 1-File 06-184 Mr. Jim Glatt – Oct 1959 00080-Container step 1-Document 06-185 Mr. Ernest L. Hilkey – November 1958 00080-Box step one-Document 06-186 Mrs. Leo Schatz – November 1958 00080-Container step 1-Document 06-187 Mrs. John Roentgen. Mueller 00080-Field 1-File 06-188 Mr. Raymond Heyne 00080-Package 1-File 06-189 Mr. Harold G. Garnier 00080-Field step one-File 06-190 Mr.

Bismarck Tribune Range – Rotary Tree Planting 00080-Field 01-Document 08-01 Louis Shaw, Bob Paris, and you will John Hermanson off Mandan 00080-Container 01-File 08-02 William DeKrey 00080-Field 01-Document 08-03 Lloyd Butz, Carrington 00080-Box 01-Document 08-04 Leon Mehrer – Sawyer 00080-Field 01-Document 08-05 W.L. Tiffany, Fargo Ukrayna kadД±nlarla tanД±ЕџД±n, and you may John McElroy, Jamestown 00080-Container 01-File 08-06 Gilman Wastvedt, Hatton, and you can Sophus Trom, Casselton 00080-Box 01-Document 08-07 Unfamiliar dudes napping toward yard 00080-Package 01-Document 08-08 Guys and you can boys towards hay drive 00080-Container 01-File 08-09 Audience from the supply 00080-Box 01-File 08-ten Crowd on provide 00080-Field 01-Document 08-11 Unknown man 00080-Field 01-File 08-several Three dudes 00080-Container 01-Document 08-13 Guys shaking give 00080-Box 01-Document 08-fourteen Geese flying 00080-Package 01-File 08-fifteen Zero images – Title “Rotary Tree Growing” 00080-Container 01-Document 08-sixteen Dudes looking hole getting forest 00080-Field 01-Document 08-17 Men planting trees 00080-Container 01-Document 08-18 A couple of dudes 00080-Package 01-Document 08-19 Two dudes 00080-Box 01-File 08-20 Men growing woods 00080-Package 01-Document 08-21 Guys growing trees 00080-Box 01-File 08-twenty-two Dudes planting trees 00080-Container 01-Document 08-23 Guys planting trees 00080-Field 01-File 08-24 A couple men planting trees 00080-Container 01-File 08-twenty-five Mervin Schonert, a dozen, Bismarck; Robert Riehl, ten, Raleigh; Blaine Tishmack, eleven, Southern from Raleigh 00080-Container 01-File 08-26 Guys planting trees

BJC Baseball best half a dozen 00080-Package 2-Document 04-31 Milford Schumann household members up to speed the fresh new tractor Mr. Schumann obtained in all over the country Massey-Harris event. Earl, seven, Lonnie, nine, Rickey, eleven, Curt, 16, Mrs. Schumann, and you may Mr.

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