Records of the Middlesex Feminine Academy, 1806, include an enrollment listing, an effective petition, and an operate from incorporation

Records of the Middlesex Feminine Academy, 1806, include an enrollment listing, an effective petition, and an operate from incorporation

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Brooks and additionally stored other practices in the condition and you will county membership. He had been a fairness of your own serenity, an excellent notary societal, and legal counsel of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Courtroom. He as well as played a job in some of the biggest industrial companies during the pre-Municipal Combat Concord. Additionally, he was involved in the cash out of a great many other opportunities. Such as for example, from inside the dealing with Daniel Shattuck’s things, Brooks presented business concerning the Concord Mill Dam Providers, a genuine home advancement agency (provided 1828) where Shattuck are treasurer. New Abel Moore property on it your in the products of the short-existed Concord Steam Mill Team (integrated 1846).

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Collection We surrounds estate documentation for the next: John Adams; Jo Baldwin; Francis Barrett; Humphrey Barrett; Humphrey Barrett, Jr.; Rebecca Barrett; Samuel Barrett; Charles Bartlett; Mary H. Bartlett; Bascom & Cole (business connection); Henry and Ezra Batchelder; John Bates; Henry Bates; Thomas Benjamin; Heartwell Bigelow; Israel Recharging/Billings; Abel Bowman; Alice Connection; John Brigham; Asa Brooks; Isaac Brooks; Occupations Brooks; Joshua Brooks; Sarah Brooks; Noah Brooks; Abel Brownish; Jo Brown; John Burr; Samuel Burr; John Buttrick; John Byrnes; Lemuel Curtis; Samuel Dakin; Jonathan Davis; Josiah Davis; Mary Davis; Joes Griffin; Elisha Hagar; Abraham Handley; Sarah Hardy; Ephraim Hartwell; Lydia Hartwell; Shadrack Haynes; Asa Hayward; Abiel Heywood; Jonas Heywood; Silas Holden; Jesse Hosmer; Elijah Hosmer; John Hosmer; Sally and you can Lydia Hosmer; Oliver Houghton; Phineas Exactly how; Ebenezer Hubbard; Rebecca Hubbard; Samuel Seem; Isaac Hurd; Isaac Hurd, Jr.; Joes Jones; Joshua Jones; Aaron Keyes; Sarah Way; Samuel Cordis Lee; ; Oliver Meriam; Charles Miles; Darius Miles; Reuben Kilometers; Abel Minot; Stephen Minot; Timothy Minot; Abigail Minot; William Minot; Wilson Moffatt/Moffett/Moffitt; Lazzerro/Lazzero/Lazero/Lazzarro/Lazarro/Lazaro/Lazarus/Lazare Montefiore; Luther Moore; Jonas Monroe; Peter Neft/Nief/Neef/Neff/Niff/Nefft; Nathan Nurse; Cyrus Nutting; Lydia Webpage; Parkman; Lurana/Lorana/Laurana Areas; Ephraim Potter; Lucy Potter; Asa Porter; John Prescott; Samuel P. Prescott; Timothy Prescott; Elizabeth Prince; Gaius Proctor; Sarah Randall; Chloe Richards; Mary F. Richards; Luther Robbins; Peter Robbins; Daniel Shattuck; Cyrus Smith; Daniel Smith; Eirene/Irene Smith; Sarah Snowfall; William Stearns; Joshua Stiles; John Brick; Cyrus Pack; Eleanor Swan; Joshua Swan; John L. Tuttle; Abiel H. Wheeler; Charles Wheeler; Phebe Wheeler (Miss and you will Mrs.); Peter Wheeler; Ephraim Whitcomb; Sarah Whitcomb; Stephen Williams; Martha Whiting; Elijah Timber; Ebenezer Woodward; Calvin Wright; Edward Wright; Hannah Wright; Sarah Wyman.

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Amos Bronson Alcott try mentioned into the a uel J. Can get to help you Nathan Brooks regarding your selling of the Alcott assets plus the financing of the proceeds.

Whenever you are there are many different costs, receipts, and you can makes up about money owed of the or even Abel Moore during the it a portion of the Nathan Brooks documents, experts wanting Moore’s factors must request the container list having material in Series VI (Abel Moore files).

He had been assistant/treasurer of your own Middlesex Shared Fire Insurance company, a manager of your own Concord Bank, and you may president of your Middlesex Institution to have Deals

The brand new debts, receipts, accounts, etc. certainly one of Moore’s economic records echo Abel Moore’s personal money, his expenditures since the Middlesex Condition deputy sheriff (having serving writs, for example) and deputy jailer (to have keeping prisoners), along with his business engagements, every interfiled. Material was recorded chronologically from the 12 months (zero try is made much more accurately to order factors contained in this for every document). Receipted goods are submitted by big date payment is gotten rather as compared to date the expenses try incurred. Unreceipted membership are registered by the current entry. And real economic records, which part of the collection comes with particular points documenting new aspect (the total amount in place of dollars worth) from timber information.

View here to view the beginning of the container listing to own Series VI, or on one of one’s outlines regarding component checklist lower than to access the box number to have a certain part of the show.

Communication, 1781-1836, boasts page books (1781-1797) and you will sagging interaction (1781-1836). This collection role includes totally new and you may copied letters, priily) characters. Interaction reflects Tilly Merrick’s existence within the Amsterdam, London (briefly), Charleston, and Concord. Merrick’s company connectivity together with his brothers Augustus and you may John, Isaac Path (regarding the union Merrick & Course), Duncan Ingraham, Sigourney, Ingraham, & Company/ Sigourney & Team, while others are well-portrayed available correspondence together with membership guides or other financial materials. The brand new page courses sits mostly out of duplicated emails from the Tilly Merrick, the new sagging correspondence mainly off new and you will copied letters so you’re able to him. Page guides include copies of invoices and you may membership closed with unique characters. Letters from the page courses overlap with exclusive emails regarding data files regarding shed communications. Shed communications try build alphabetically because of the correspondent, and you may chronologically for the records each correspondent.

Filed from inside the Package 62, Folder cuatro (sagging characters I-J): an enthusiastic August 29, 1785 letter off Francis ed Jonathan,” getting which January dreams Tilly Merrick will be able to score “the greatest Rate,” and you can a march 8, 1785 letter from John January, just who aims Merrick’s recommendations inside disposing of a beneficial “Negro Girl . . . towards Finest virtue.” (This new girl during the John January’s letter is described as a job give, a fast student inside household works; she’s got currently had measles and smallpox, and you may forgotten an eye fixed in order to smallpox whenever young.)

One of several debtors, financial institutions, or other people portrayed inside the Merrick’s economic paperwork of 1798 on: William Abrams, Jr. Adams; Charles Adams; John Adams; Nathan Adams; Adams & Bradley; Aikens & Pinkerton; A good. Allen; Joseph Allen; P. Allen; Allen & Barnard; Allen & Blanchard; Allen & Lamson; Allen & Peirce; David Allinson; James Allison; Andrew & Allen; Benjamin Andrews; William Andrews; N. Appleton; Samuel Appleton; S. Appleton; Appleton & Barrett; Matthew Armsby; Armstrong & Parmenter; Joshua Aubin & Co. Austin; Thomas Austin; Austin & Thayer; Nathaniel Ayers; Abram Babcock; S. Babcock; Samuel H. Babcock; Babcock & Bowman; Joseph Bacon; Josiah Bacon; Bacon & Grafton; David Bailey; Daniel Baker; John Baker; Baker & Larned; Josiah Baldwin; John Ballard, Jr. Ballard & Co. Bartlett; H. Bartlett; Josiah Bartlett; N.

Judge files, 1781-1822, become numerous power off attorneys records and you will Tilly Merrick’s retailer’s wine and you can spirit permits, certainly one of other items. Partnership Turnpike Firm suggestions, 1805-1814, involve permits for Tilly Merrick’s shares on the agency, receipts to own percentage regarding tests on his shares, with his monetary suggestions as treasurer on firm. A book travelling record include entries (and costs) to own a round-trip ranging from Sc and Boston when you look at the 1792 and also for traveling during the 1794.

George Brooks’s child Mary hitched Stedman Buttrick within the 1922. Their widow Mary Good. Brooks moved abroad immediately following their unique husband’s death. She passed away in the 1924.

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